Live Music Lightroom Presets

Live Music Lightroom Presets


This preset pack is designed specifically for live music situations. Each look is tailored to a specific performance situation, to counteract dominant stage light colours such as greens, reds, magentas and blues. Some are also tailored for softer indoor and outdoor lighting, ideal for portraiture and intimate performances. 

Note: These presets are intended for specific lighting situations and the stronger presets require user adjustments with the temperature and tint sliders. You will see strong stylistic changes with minor adjustments from these parameters. Select presets from this pack based on the nature of your image and then adjust accordingly.

These presets have been designed using images from the Sony a7 and Canon 5D series, but are compatible with any camera manufacturer/model.


1.Magenta to Orange - changes reds, magentas and purples to warmer oranges, reds and blues.

2.Green Reducer - Rectifies images dominated by green stage lights, turning them rusty, high-contrast tones. 

3.Purple to Blue - Rectifies images dominated by purple stage lights, turning shadows blue and highlights orange. 

4.Front and Centre - Rectifies images dominated by magenta stage lights, turning them rusty orange and recovering skin tones.

5.Magenta Fire - Turns magentas, purples and blues to orange and teal.

6.Blue Spotlight - Subdues dominant blue stage lights and creates a haze for blue spotlights. 

7.Purple Haze - Also recovers purples, but adds red.

8.Blue Diamond - Adds clarity to highlights and accentuates blues. 

9.Indie Spotlight - Subdues high contrast tones for evenly lit stages in daylight.

10.Clean Muted - Desaturates blues, for a high clarity orange look. 

11.Moody Indoor - Subtle accentuation of greens and reds for darker indoor lighting.

12.Indoor Soft Light - Powerful soft light preset for portraiture with low clarity. Adjust with temp and tint sliders

13.Outdoor Soft Light - Same as above but warmer and for outdoor situations

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